Fight! For Your Right! to Flip Flops!

because San Diego

July 19, 2017

San Diego County Government employees recently started their labor negotiations, many topics are being discussed but in one pressing issues that could only happen in San Diego, it is fighting for the right to wear flip-flops

This all started when, per county chief administrative officer Helen Robbins-Meyer, business casual was extended to all of summer. This angered the Union because the relaxed dress code, known as “Cool Summer Days in the County,” was an illegal move by the county because the union wasn’t involved in coming up with it.

The Union Local 221 then filed a formal complaint with the state’s Public Employment Relations Board. And part of their complaint is the lanuage stating  "jeans and sneakers are OK, but shorts, flip flops and torn or revealing clothing are not"

To be fair, the county has many odd to arbitrary dress rules:

-Librarians can’t wear spandex.

-Staff in the sheriff’s office must wear ties, unless the forecast says it will be 85 degrees or more (but medical examiners can’t wear bolo ties, ever).

-Shorts are generally prohibited, but if someone from the county agriculture department is out inspecting eggs, shorts are OK – if they are covered by a biosecurity suit.

Whether or not the county flips(or flops) on the sandal ban, history has already been made, in what will go down as the most, San Diego, dispute, EVER.