Jamere Morgan

Wednesday, December 28th

DJ Carlos Culture talks with his old friend Jamere Nelson about spending time in Jamaica, his debut album and upcoming tour with J Boog


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Lesson greetings man that's going on iTunes Carl's culture from Bob radio in San Diego what's up. Radio address that. They'll let. Deathly deathly deathly well Jameer you're on the sandy a go. We couldn't be in the house one more time man. Yeah man of the Columbia pleasant man San Diego. Sending a loves you always do great stuff when you always come to town but now you come with a full album. Full will debut offered throughout my that they do I bet I bet album my ankle but actually on Christmas Day hey man this is he could see that. To see all the work that you put in over paperwork agreements. Giving credit to know letting you look at that little aware of the big covers. All of that they fear that we visited the one thing is so what sort of go into album and it people who don't know. Living man admitted to the company offers out. So how many songs on the album tell us where you produced it who who did most of the work was going on. Seventeenth song I wrote I'm about 90% of album I collaborated with a couple other I didn't GA book on stone work from Africa. Under an employee and agents shut Goetschl mark Somali dead uncle Peter helped me it would it was similar in and out home so I'm a nice and you go to record. It's so it's. A lot of these guys and certain clothes than track. That's major did a lot of stuff that's lot of stuff. And you can tell and he kind of got a grim Andrea about working on the glass record strictly roots right. Yeah I'll definitely end. It should are good prices then I'm I'm Alex set a vote no yeah there are startups do we do it the tour. My of them got in just couldn't ask for more. Absolutely a slew so we gonna hearsay you and are. There out. Right so that's gonna be awesome the observatory is an amazing venue it's one of the top things in California we pulled learning how we. Bring your video guy. Swear to god a delight show and it states that California theater it's super nice. Its its. Its top level its top level it's Papa Papa. Thanks for second unit lecturer at what it is sure it. I'm going to be a rebels salute my brother I'm going down in where your or yes from Libya rebels salute with the way for gun go down there. Strippers for Bob Rita do some interviews check out the the rusty lives over there with Tony rebel enough. Hadn't been to make it like five or six years so I'm overdue Jameer was the last time you are there. I'd just came from Jamaica my. That humanity by the newspaper print or turned out there right right right. So where do you go to airy airing here is files that rearrest that with him he's out over on the unknown party side saint Thomas error. I know it well in Miami in between Miami and Nash. Okay well can't wait to hear the whole record have you Intel more time for other cynical people. The GA book tour is Hugh Kelly date Choo going on the on predates is that for the whole tour. It's a book they're report shows from sudden uncertainty though it or not they had a political problem at school EO Edward Cole while blow as well on tour as six feet and then had it. Yeah six weeks' leave your not you're not. Afraid of the road testing do long tour I Morgan heritage team you do through. We've done seven weeks in Europe we don't ship in the weeks and they've been demo so yeah I'm not known to hit. Well it's going to be great to have you here so it all started your biggest hit start off with neighborhood girl ranked. Neighborhood there and actually that released the record. But in having the two dollars and eleven is my particular conference keeps it is there's even a video. But it was good as I actually would gotten more the merit they're ready audience. Permanent right in those great when you came out as you 1009 sound nice catchy dance different song good lyrics are things Chris you know. Yeah Lauren. So glad you. So we actually have. Neighborhood very unique on the whom featured page it is just spoke. Oh while while while shot. Assassin I love us ask for his piece gray hooded vice if that good good. Well to me it's a pleasure talking to you we're gonna be here you can be in San Diego to in the whole entire country supporting a written record. You have to stop pushing your musical career for years for years for years. He's seen some fruit and now it's your own big thing we wish you the best of luck my brother and whoever and we know he got twenty physical C Jameer. You know he'll be here he can talk to him in check mark on his Twitter account. Reverb and they get all that stuff. It yet FaceBook FaceBook background that Jameer Marvin JE FBI eat more again my Twitter in the ground mind snapped at an item Miree I AM. I AM JE in the idea Mahler and as such a Clinton pick me up. In the it is one thing and I didn't get taxable some you know lessen our music our collaboration from all the Coke entered a drug. Well you definitely put in the work producing your all. Record and all are you know that that's a major undertaking that's that's a huge thing for you congratulations and you all the best again. Thanking well I couldn't do without people like you and the fines and I mean the radio repeated court creep in that it we will we will. Are we an article wouldn't know the travel news to put out during truck. We give them. Yemen respect you must have been support in the family since day one and keep us support need to know we don't stop me and we don't stop promoting breaking news can now we're seeing. Right. There are big up there so blessed love happy new year and have been times that lonely on your broad all right our.